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The group was founded in 2005. We transform simple dividers into unique and imaginative divider designs. Divider configuration is available in several varieties.

A decor that suits you

Modern and elegant partition

Create the partition that suits you, let’s create something unique and personalized together

Modify the number of stiles and crosspieces. Change their location. All this will allow you to create a unique and original partition that will bring a major decorative element to your interior, achieve an industrial style, wood, stone, only your imagination can limit you.

With 25 years of experience, we support you in all your projects

Mix styles: “Wood, pvc, aluminum, stone, steel”, let’s create a decor that suits you

Custom partition

Driftwood is widely used for interior design. Original, natural and decorative, this type of wood has many advantages. Very fashionable, we find driftwood in many creations such as reclaimed wood lamps, partition walls, etc. Discover in the lines to follow how to make a partition with driftwood.

"When ecology becomes trendy"